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About Diamonds and Gems.


Jewellery shop and how it started! It all started about 30 years ago with love and passion for gold.

I Accumulated anything that was gold or Silver with any spare cash available, from scrap jewellery to bullion bars. Over time I gained a good-sized collection.

At my son’s junior school, the class was studying treasure, gold, and Gemstones. I spoke to the teacher and told her that I had some gold bars and coins and would be happy to bring them into the class for the pupils to see.

The pupils appeared mesmerized by the sparkling gold in front of them.

The teacher asked if I considered selling any, Which sparked the whole Jewellery shop thing off and how the Jewellery shop started.


Steve Sharp



Diamonds and Gems

Conflict Free Diamonds Policy.

All the Diamonds and Gemstones that we buy at Diamonds and Gems come from legal suppliers.

We only buy from suppliers that are compliant with United Nations resolutions. The suppliers guaranteeing that they have come from conflict-free locations.

Conflict diamonds are also known as ‘Blood Diamonds‘. Blood Diamonds are used to fund illegal military operations, rebel, or terrorist movements. We understand that this could cause significant harm to local African Populations.

For this reason, we have a policy that we will comply with the Kimberley treaty Process and do not deal in conflict diamonds.

The Kimberley Process is a United Nations law. An international certificate program aimed at preventing the trade of conflict diamonds.


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Certified and Ethically Sourced Diamonds Gemstones.

London Assay Office
Birmingham Assay Office
Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences
Stop Blood Diamonds
Gemological Institute of America