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We would like to achieve 100% customer Satisfaction. We are only happy if you are happy with your purchase. We pledge to continue to provide new and interesting items at the best possible prices and quality.

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Diamonds and Gems Conflict Free Diamonds Policy

All the diamonds we purchase are from legitimate sources, not at all involved in any way in funding conflicts and are in compliance with United Nations resolutions. We Guarantee that our diamonds are conflict free, based on personal information / knowledge and/or written supplied guarantees provided to us at the time of purchase.

Conflict diamonds are also known as “Blood Diamonds” which are used to fund illegal operations of military, rebel, or terrorist’s movements. Diamonds and Gems understands the great harm to local African Populations that might be caused by conflict diamonds. For this reason, we have a policy to comply with the Kimberley Process and do not deal in conflict diamonds.

Kimberley process is a UN mandated international certificate program aimed to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds. The KPCS outlines some provisions through which the trade of diamonds is to occur. Hence, our policy of buying diamonds is clear. We buy from suppliers that clearly state / warrant that their diamonds are not blood diamonds and are from sources free from conflict. In every regards we are committed to the highest quality and ethical standards on behalf of our consumer market.

Certified And Ethically Source Diamonds

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